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XO.1 is a Sydney-based startup founded by Max Kaye and Nathan Spataro which has raised half a million dollars in early stage funding to develop SecureVote, the world's first secure and highly scalable online voting system.

Meet the Founders

Max Kaye

Max is passionate about improving the world. He is a software developer and blockchain consultant. His educational background is in science, mathematics, and information systems, and has a lifelong interest in economics, political philosophy, disruptive startups, and theory of knowledge.

Max sees immense scope for technology to empower ordinary people to properly participate in their democracy. He knows there's a better way of doing things. He prefers to use the oxford comma.

Nathan Spataro

Nathan is an ardent and outspoken proponent of free speech, civil liberties, and human rights. His educational background is in government, international relations, and philosophy. He has campaigned in previous elections for minor parties.

Nathan's work background is in sales and IT, but has more recently become passionate about blockchain technology and its impact on the future of politics. Nathan believes in a free and open society that places a high value on healthy criticism and debate. He is excited that ordinary Australians could one day play a much greater part in their country’s political future.

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Email us: exec@xo1.io

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